Air Fryer Bacon

By learning how to cook this Air Fryer Bacon recipe, you can simplify your breakfast meal prep while still getting perfectly crispy bacon in just 10 minutes! In the air fryer, strips of bacon are roasted from all sides while the fat drips away, leaving them fully cooked and quickly ready to eat. Once you’ve given this no-smoke method a shot, you’ll never want to try another kind again!

Types of Bacon

Much like the oven, the air fryer is pretty forgiving when it comes to cooking just about anything in it. But there are a few general rules of thumb you’ll want to follow when selecting your bacon and knowing how long to cook it.

The thickness of the bacon is a huge determinant for how long you will need to air fry it. Thick-cut bacon will take a minute or two longer than regular-cut while thin slices will take a minute or two less.

The leanness of the bacon strips will also play a small role in how long it needs to cook. Leaner strips will cook up more quickly since there is less fat to render off, while fattier slices will take a little longer to cook.


4 oz. bacon about 4-5 strips


Heat Air Fryer to 350°F.
Place bacon strips on the metal rack in a single layer. If the bacon is too long to fit or you’d like to get wavy pieces, place your pointer finger underneath a section of it to lift it up. Repeat this another time on the same piece of bacon and do this with all strips.
Cook bacon for 9-10 minutes. Cook a minute less if very thin strips or 1-2 minutes more if really thick strips.
Remove bacon from Air Fryer and place on a paper towel-lined plate to drain. Eat immediately and enjoy!

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