How to Put Tape in Hair Extensions

How to Put Tape in Hair Extensions | Step-by-Step Guide

I’ve been asked many times how to put the tape in hair extensions. There are a lot of different types of tapes, and each one works differently. This post will show you how to do it properly, and how to get the best results.

Hair extensions are a great way to change up your hairstyle without spending a lot of money. You can get your hair done at any salon, and the process is relatively easy. There are a variety of ways to attach extensions to your hair, and each method has its own pros and cons. In this post, we’ll walk through the basics of how to install hair extensions, including how to apply tape, where to place it, and what kind of glue to use.

The tape in hair extensions is the most common problem that many women face. I have been searching for a good article on how to put the tape in hair extensions for a long time. But I could not find a good one. So, I hope that this article can help you.

What Is Tape-In Hair Extensions?

There are two types of hair extensions that you can use. These are the tape-in extensions and sew-in hair extensions. While both are widely available, some people prefer tape-in extensions. The process is quite simple. If you want to get your hair done at a salon, the process is quite easy. When you arrive, the stylist will ask you to sit in a chair.

The stylist will then place the hair extension under the hair and put some adhesive on the bottom of the tape. She then starts to peel the tape back and place it on top of the hair. Once the extensions are placed, she covers the top with a comb. Before you leave, the stylist will trim the hair as needed. The process is pretty much the same for sew-in hair extensions. 

Tape-In extensions are relatively inexpensive. They are generally easy to care for, but they can become very hot. Sew-In extensions are more expensive than tape-in extensions, but they are a bit easier to care for. You can choose to have the hair extensions put in by the hair extensions seller, a cosmetologist, or a wigmaker. The different processes for applying hair extensions are described below.

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Tools Needed to Put Tap-in Hair Extensions

The first tool that you will need to purchase is a tapered comb. You can find tapered combs at your local beauty supply store. The best-tapered combs to use are those that have a curved, beveled end. These combs work much better than flat combs because they fit into your hair better. You can purchase tapered combs online. Some people prefer to buy them because they like the design better.

Tools Needed to Put Tap-in Hair Extensions

The tapered combs that you find in stores are usually very basic and inexpensive. You can usually buy a dozen of them at a time for only a few dollars. Some online stores, however, have higher-quality tapered combs. They often have many variations of designs and colors. The quality is generally a bit better because they are produced locally. After purchasing the tapered combs, you should move on to the next step. If you are purchasing them from a salon, you will need scissors. You should also purchase your tapered comb at the same time. They are both necessary to apply the tape in extensions.

Tape-in Extensions – How They Are Made Tape extensions are made by sewing strands of human hair together. The strands are usually 100 to 150 strands each, but they can vary.

Steps for how to put the tape in hair extensions

Consider the following guide:

1.) Make a part across your scalp for applying tape to hair extensions

The hair must be wet for this step. This means that you should wash your hair and comb it properly. Be careful, because combing wet hair can be very difficult. You should comb it back and forth so that all of the hair lies flat. Use a wide tooth comb to make it easier. If you do not use a wide tooth comb, you may have difficulty. Also, be careful of the order you comb your hair. If you do not follow this, you may damage your hair.

Take a small section of hair that you will later use to apply tape to hair extensions. Wet your hair before you apply the tape to the hair extensions. Apply the tape to the hair extensions in the same direction as the hair. Gently pull the tape taut and secure it. Apply it to the area where you plan to put the hair extensions. After that, you should make a part across the scalp where you will apply the tape.

Gently push the comb through the tape, making sure that your hair doesn’t get stuck in the teeth. You should then gently comb your hair back and forth to make the tape adhere to your hair extensions.

2.) Section off the top hair for applying tape in hair extensions

Cut the hair on the side of the head where you want to place the hair extensions. It is important to ensure that you trim the ends of the hair, as this helps to create volume. If the ends are too short, your hair extensions may come out easily. In addition, cut the hair with scissors to make it easier to work with.

Section off the top hair by pulling it back from your head with the comb. Put the comb in the middle of your head. Make a part on the top of your scalp. Now, slowly move the comb back and forth so that the tape does not get caught in the comb teeth.

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3.) Remove a thin portion of your hair from the non-clipped part

You can clip it to the sides of your head. Once you are done, cut the hair ends evenly. Make sure the hair is cut evenly. You will also remove the tape that has been applied to the top of your head. Now, clip your hair back so that you only have a tiny amount of hair on the top of your scalp. The next step is to apply the tape to the top of the hair extension. This is done by pressing the sticky side of the tape onto your scalp. The hair extension should stick straight up from your scalp. Let your hair dry. Then, remove the tape and use your fingers to gently comb your hair back.

You should remove about 3 to 5 hairs from your non-clipped hair. This step will prevent the clip from getting stuck. If the tape is too thick, you may need to apply a little glue to it. Then, carefully press it down. Once you have pressed it down, you can trim it to your preference.

4.) Apply tape to the non-clipped hair

Do this to make it easier for you to secure it. You can use the tape to attach the hair extension to your hair. The next step is to attach the clip to the base of your hair extension. You can place the clip in the base and pull it up. Use the flat side of the clip to smooth it out. You may have to trim the ends of your hair extension a bit if they are too long. Make sure that the clip isn’t too tight.

Apply tape to the non-clipped hair

Now, apply the tape with the glue side up on the top of the hair. Hold the hair down on the top of the scalp with your fingers. Use your fingertips to press the tape into the hair. This will ensure that it is firmly attached to the hair. Gently brush the hair.

Make sure the tape is sticking onto your hair without sticking onto your scalp or skin. There should be no gap between the hair and the tape. The first time you apply for the hair extension, you will need to hold the tape on your head. It may be a bit tight, but you can adjust it as needed. After you have done that, let the tape rest for 30 minutes. This will ensure that the glue on the tape is completely dried.

5.) Start weaving the hair extensions

Before you start, make sure that your extensions are tight and the ends are clean and smooth. This makes it easy for you to weave them into your hair. You should also remember to keep the tape from peeling away. Once the tape starts peeling, it can be a real pain. There is no need to worry about that right now. You shouldn’t be concerned with peeling until after you have woven your hair extensions in your hair.

Start by putting the first hair extension in your hair. Take one strand of your hair, and hold it in front of the tape. Bring the tape over your hair and pull it across. Once the tape is in place, hold it in place with your hand. Keep pulling on the tape until it’s tight. Use your comb to remove the loose strands of hair. Do the same with the next hair strand.

You can start to weave your hair extensions. It is important to use a flat-bottomed brush. Your hair should be straight for easy weaving. Begin to weave the hair by first taking 2 inches of hair. Then, pull out and replace the hair. You should pull out the hair from the left-hand side. Make sure that the hair on both sides is the same length.

6.) Apply a thin layer of hair gel to secure the hair extensions

Apply a thin layer of hair gel to ensure that your hair extensions stay in place. Be careful not to apply too much gel. It is important that it is applied in sections. The hair extensions should stay in place.

How to Wash Tape-In Hair Extensions

The answer is very simple. You should just take the hair extensions out of the roll and clean them with your hands. It is possible that you may lose some hair when you remove your hair extensions. When you remove the tape, you should also take care not to damage the hair extensions. To remove hair from the tape, simply rub the back of your hand over the tape. Do this until you remove the entire amount of hair.

How to Wash Tape-In Hair Extensions

It is possible that the hair may come out in chunks. Some hair will remain attached to the roll. You may use a comb to separate the strands of hair from the rest. After washing, you should shake the hair extensions gently to remove any residue. If you want to remove the hair, you should make sure that the hair extensions aren’t wet. Washing hair extensions should be done using a shampoo that can dissolve and wash away the adhesive.

You should rinse thoroughly and condition the hair. Don’t wash your hair with soap and water. The tape used to attach hair extensions will likely cause harm to your hair. You should avoid harsh chemicals and shampoos.

How to Care for Tape-In Hair Extensions

If you have attached hair extensions, you will need to take care of your hair. Make sure that your hair isn’t too wet. Dry the hair as quickly as possible so that you don’t damage the extensions. It is important that you use a gentle shampoo to wash the hair. You shouldn’t use a conditioner.

Always clean your hair carefully. Wash your hair once a week with the same type of shampoo that you use to wash your hair. Don’t brush your hair with the same brushes that you use to brush your natural hair. Avoid using hairbrushes with nylon bristles. Try to use a brush that doesn’t scratch your scalp or cause harm to your extensions. Condition the hair with a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for hair extensions. You should apply shampoo after shampooing to ensure that the hair is completely clean. Don’t use a hairbrush when you are brushing the extensions.

Use a comb instead. Try not to pull your extensions. This will cause damage to your hair extensions. Remove the hair extensions by putting your fingers inside the tape. Pull gently and lift upward. Be careful not to pull on your hair. You may harm your hair.

How to Remove Tape-In Hair Extensions

You need to know the proper technique for removing tape-in hair extensions, You should remove the tape from the ends of the hair extension and remove the tape carefully from the scalp. You should avoid pulling the hair extension while removing the tape, You should try not to make any unnecessary sounds when you are removing the tape.

The best way to remove the tape is to use your fingers instead of a comb. If you don’t use a comb, you may end up damaging your hair. You should remove your hair extensions by pulling gently and lifting them upward. You should try not to pull on your hair. Make sure that you remove the tape carefully from the scalp. This can be done by pressing the ends of the hair extension between your fingers.


In conclusion, You have read about how to put the tape in hair extensions, it’s very important to know how to put the tape in hair extensions and the different types of tape. The first step is to prepare your hair by washing and conditioning it. It’s also important to know that the type of tape you use depends on the type of hair extensions you are using.

I would highly recommend this product for people who are looking to add length and volume to their natural hair without having to spend a fortune on extensions. The tape is easy to use and apply, and it is also very affordable. It is recommended for people with fine hair, so if you have thick, coarse hair, it may not be the best option for you.

 You’ll need a pair of scissors, some tweezers, and a bottle of glue. You’ll also need to cut the hair extension in half. You can then use the scissors to cut the extensions into smaller sections, using the tweezers to pull out the hair. Then, using glue, you can attach the extensions to your own hair. You should apply the glue to the back of the extensions, then stick them to your own hair. After you’ve applied the glue, wait for it to dry before you remove the tape.

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