Air-Fried Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers

Peppers are delicious—especially when they’re vessels for cheese. Here, sweet baby bells are precooked in the air fryer to soften, then stuffed with a blend of cheddar and neufchatel, creamy yogurt, garlic, and fresh herbs. Pop the peppers back in the air fryer until they’re lightly browned and melty and your dream snack is served.


    1. Cooking spray- 4 spray(s)
    2. Sweet mini baby bell pepper(s)- 16 item(s)
    3. Neufchâtel cheese – 3 oz, or reduced-fat cream cheese, softened
    4. Reduced-fat cheddar cheese -⅓ cup(s), shredded
    5. Plain fat free Greek yogurt -¼ cup(s)
    6. Fresh parsley -2 Tbsp, finely chopped
    7. Dill – 2 tsp, chopped
    8. Kosher salt – ¼ tsp
    9. Black pepper – ¼ tsp
    10. Garlic- 1 medium clove(s), grated


    1. Preheat an air fryer to 350°F. Cut a slit down the length of each bell pepper, from the stem to the tip. Coat the bell peppers with cooking spray. Add the bell peppers to the air-fryer basket and cook in the air fryer for 5 minutes. Shake the basket and continue to cook for 3 minutes more. Transfer the bell peppers to a cutting board or work surface and let cool.
    2. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, combine the cheeses, yogurt, parsley, dill, salt, black pepper, and garlic.
    3. Stuff about 2 tsp of the filling into each bell pepper through the slit. Arrange the peppers in the air-fryer basket in a single layer. (It’s OK if they’re crowded.) Return the basket to the air fryer and cook until the stuffed peppers are tender and the filling is lightly browned on top, 4 to 5 minutes.
    4. Serving size: 2 stuffed peppers
    5. 2 Smart points Total Time 30 min Prep 15 min Cook 15 min Serves 8

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