Crockpot Bourbon Chicken

Tender and juicy chicken thighs simmered in a brown sugar bourbon sauce all day long. Your family will love this melt-in-your-mouth crockpot bourbon chicken. A classic New Orleans recipe made easy in the crockpot!

I sure do LOVE New Orleans-inspired food! Try my  jambalaya  recipe, which is also made in the crockpot. This gumbo recipe is another fave and a classic New Orleans dish. I highly recommend a visit there just for the food, it’s SO yummy!

Crockpot Bourbon Chicken

Bourbon chicken is a dish named after the famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. This recipe also uses bourbon to add a rich deep flavor to the sauce. Paired with sweet brown sugar, the sauce is sweet and sticky and SO delicious! Cooked low and slow, this crockpot bourbon chicken is an incredible dinner ready when you get home.

Ingredients Needed

Each ingredient in this crockpot bourbon chicken gives this recipe its mouthwatering flavor! And it’s less than 10 ingredients, which most likely you already have on hand! All measurements can be found below in the recipe card.

  •  boneless skinless chicken thighs: Chicken thighs are the secret weapon! It results in the most tender and flavorful chicken.
  • Kosher Salt and Pepper: Season the chicken to taste with salt and pepper to add flavor.
  • Bourbon: You can also use whiskey, apple juice, or chicken broth.
  •  brown sugar: This creates the sweetness in the sauce and gives the crockpot bourbon chicken the best flavor.
  • soy sauce: Adds depth and richness to the sauce, giving the chicken that savory and slightly salty goodness that will wow your taste buds.
  • garlic: Fresh garlic adds great flavor!
  • cornstarch: Cornstarch is the thickening agent that helps create a luscious, glossy sauce.
  • Cold Water: Make sure to use cold water to help dissolve the cornstarch.
  • Season the Chicken and Place in Crockpot: Season the chicken thighs with salt & pepper on both sides and place them in the bottom of the crockpot.
  • Make the Sauce and Pour Over Chicken: In a medium bowl add the bourbon, brown sugar, soy sauce, and garlic. Stir well to combine. Pour over the chicken in the crockpot.
  • Cover and Cook: Cover with the lid and cook on low for 4 hours or high for 3 hours.
  • Add the Cornstarch Mixture: Add the cornstarch and water in a small bowl and whisk until combined. Whisk the cornstarch slurry into the sauce 30 minutes before the chicken is done cooking. This will thicken the sauce.
  • Serve Over Rice: Enjoy the chicken over rice and garnish with green onions.

    Crockpot Bourbon Chicken Tips

    Ready to create mouthwatering bourbon chicken with the convenience of a crockpot? These easy tips and tricks will have you cooking up tender, flavor-packed chicken in no time.

    • Chicken Thighs: Use chicken thighs for the best results. You are welcome to use chicken breast and it will cut down on the fat content too. Chicken thighs are just so juicy and tender. They also hold the flavor better!
    • Bourbon Alternatives: If you don’t have bourbon, whiskey, brandy or even scotch will work in place of it.
    • Leave Bourbon Out: The alcohol from the bourbon does evaporate completely while cooking. It is safe for children to eat. Just replace the bourbon with chicken broth or apple cider.
    • Make it Spicy: If you love a little heat, add some red pepper flakes, or sriracha sauce to the glaze when whisking.

    Storing Leftovers

    Crockpot bourbon chicken makes the best leftovers for lunch the next day! Follow my tips below for storing and reheating this yummy chicken. Everyone will fight over the leftovers so be prepared!

    • In the Refrigerator: Allow your crockpot bourbon chicken to cool completely, then transfer it to an airtight container. As long as you keep it in the fridge, it should stay good for about 4 days.
    • To Reheat: Pop your chicken in the microwave or warm over the stove. Make sure to warm it up with the sauce to keep it from drying out. And you’ll definitely want all the sauce you can get because it’s SO good.

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